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PackML Application

I really hate a lot of things about my cell phone. I’ve learned not to [...]

The End of Cyclic Communication…

It’s amazing to think how life has changed over the last ten years. Today, I [...]

EtherNet/IP API

In the early days of the PC, there was little to no source code to [...]

Multiple Masters

When an engineer starts using Modbus TCP (the Ethernet version) instead of Modbus RTU (the [...]


The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for OPC UA are doing a lot of interesting work. [...]

The Big Problem for Device Manufacturers

I had a very interesting call the other day from a guy in the controller [...]

OPC Day Europe Part of IT2Industry/Automatica

OPC Day Europe was held last month in Munich, Germany. It’s one of the annual [...]

BFR3000 Launch

I read today that when Alexander Graham Bell said, “Watson, come here, I need you,” [...]

EtherNet/IP Variations

I have a lot of customers that want EtherNet/IP. But just like buying anything else, [...]

OPC Part 4 PC Intro

An advantage of the “aged”, a group I have now accidently joined, is memory and [...]