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Implementing Automation Processes in Everyday Ways

As an Application Engineer for Real Time Automation, Inc., I work with customers day in [...]

Age and Gender in Automation

The generational shift we have been bracing for in the Automation industry may have happened [...]

Automate For ROI, Not Technology

I can’t help but snicker when I when I hear the “fear factor” applied to [...]

Leveraging OPC UA for Secure, Highly Integrated Machines

I’ve been talking about and writing about OPC UA and its advantages over the technologies [...]

Open Source In Automation Products

There are a lot of things I like: pizza, bacon and eggs, bagels with real [...]


There is a rather startling shift in thinking about how to architect control systems. For [...]


I attended the ARC Forum in Orlando Florida. The title of the forum is “The [...]

OPC – Are its days numbered?

It’s hard to work almost anywhere in the automation industry without knowing something about OPC. [...]

What’s ‘Open’ on the Factory Floor is Not What’s ‘Open’ to IT

Moving is supposed to be the third most stressful event, outranked only by death and [...]

OPC Day Europe Part of IT2Industry/Automatica

OPC Day Europe was held last month in Munich, Germany. It’s one of the annual [...]