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Other Devices

John Donne wrote the famous poem “No Man is an Island.” Personally, I’m thinking about [...]

AHR 2017

Trade shows are a necessary evil. I’d bet I’ve been to 100 of them. Mind [...]

Not OPC UA’s Time in the Sun

I try very hard to not write anything controversial. It’s not that I shy away [...]

Wanted: New Ways to Model Information in Automation

In lots of ways, when you compare the technology used in Industrial Automation to what’s [...]

Immortal Modbus

When I think of Modbus and the future, I am reminded of that old joke [...]

Modbus Conformance

If you’re a device manufacturer and you’ve ever developed an EtherNet/IP Adapter, BACnet/IP Server or [...]


Last month I attended the 2015 AHR Trade Show in Chicago. 62,000 attendees from almost [...]

BACnet Data Representation

To understand a standard what you have to do is to focus on the data [...]

Custom OEM Solutions

One of the things that RTA doesn’t promote very much is our ability to do [...]

IA, BA, Star Trek

I always loved the original Star Trek series. The original. Not any of the extensions [...]