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Introducing the ScanDr.

It’s 2019, why can’t I plug a barcode scanner into my PLC’s serial port? Barcodes [...]

Thanksgiving 2013

It’s Thanksgiving week. Very true, I’ve found, that the older you get the faster the [...]

MicroLogix in a Time of Maximum information

A lot of these blogs are about my faults. Probably because there are so many. [...]

Barcodes – YA Gotta Love EM’

How old is barcoding now? I think that when I watched Fred Flintstone as a [...]

Scale RFID And Barcode EtherNet/IP Integration

I’ve come to realize that my world is pretty different from the world experienced by [...]

Sometimes, It just doesn’t pay to get out of bed…

First thing when I got out of bed the other day I spent a few [...]