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PLCs v PACs v IPCs

In the world of industrial automation, the terms PLC, PAC and IPC get thrown around [...]

It’s a Polyglot World, After All…

An Introduction to Siemens Controllers for AB Control Engineers Manufacturing is now a “polyglot” or [...]

Connecting Rockwell and Siemens Automation Systems – Part 1

There are really no two bigger names in industrial automation than Siemens and Rockwell. Both [...]

Let’s Talk Security

I have relatives, friends, and some RTA team members who’ve had their identities stolen. It’s [...]

The End of Cyclic Communication…

It’s amazing to think how life has changed over the last ten years. Today, I [...]

To Modbus or Not to Modbus, That Is the Question!

Every technology and innovation has its day. The steam engine, a revolutionary technology that revolutionized [...]

What’s ‘Open’ on the Factory Floor is Not What’s ‘Open’ to IT

Moving is supposed to be the third most stressful event, outranked only by death and [...]

Allen-Bradley PLC to Profinet

Many of you know that I have been educated as an Engineer. I did the [...]

Implementation Guide To OPC UA

There’s a discussion I seem to be having about once a week on implementing OPC [...]

How to Configure Your EtherNet/IP Scanner

I look at the world a little oddly, to say the least. It seems that [...]