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Betamax and HMI’s

I’m old enough to remember the war between VHS and Betamax. If you don’t remember, [...]

Waste Water

  I had an unusual opportunity today. My days are generally filled with all sorts [...]

USB Fails To Deliver On The Plant Floor

USB is one of the best things to ever happen to computing. It standardized how [...]

What Is Classic OPC?

If we’re going to talk about Classic OPC (That’s the one currently installed all over [...]

OPC Part 4 PC Intro

An advantage of the “aged”, a group I have now accidently joined, is memory and [...]

OPC Part 3 Other IPC’s

Recently I have spent some time talking about DDE – Dynamic Data Exchange. DDE is [...]

Access To ControlLogix PLCs

Many, many of our customers are interested in transferring data between their embedded or PC-based [...]

A Birthday Tribute to Myself

I just had a birthday. Not much of a celebration around my house. In fact [...]