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The Things IT Would Never Do

In many of these articles, I’ve discussed the differences between IT and OT. They both [...]

Rapid Digitalization of Manufacturing? Welcome to Fantasy Island! (What Say You?)

I often wonder if I am a square peg in a round hole. I see [...]

The IT/OT Network Divide

OT (Operational Technology) comprises the processes, equipment, and materials that produce products. That product can [...]

OPC UA as the Architecture for IT/OT Convergence

The challenge today is to how to best migrate the tightly-coupled factory floor architectures with [...]

It’s Time for Time Sensitive Networking!

TSN, which stands for Time Sensitive Networking, is the technology behind the effort to converge [...]

IOT: Have it Your Way

I hate the term IoT – the Internet of Things. It is just wrong on [...]

The Big Problem for Device Manufacturers

I had a very interesting call the other day from a guy in the controller [...]

ControlLogix and Printing

The words, “ControlLogix” and “printing” aren’t often found together in the same sentence. For eons [...]

What’s ‘Open’ on the Factory Floor is Not What’s ‘Open’ to IT

Moving is supposed to be the third most stressful event, outranked only by death and [...]

Ivan in IT and His Paranoia about Cloud Communications

I have a friend named Ivan. Ivan’s from the old country. A really great guy. [...]