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Where Modbus Still Make Sense

I’d be willing to bet that if I tried to pawn off my old Betamax [...]

What is a Historian?

An off-the-cuff answer is someone that records history. We’re talking about control system historians, but [...]

JSON For Your Command/Response Protocol

If you have a device that uses Command/Response protocol and it’s too expensive or will [...]

ASCII Command Response Devices

If you’re a little older you can remember those old Cathode Ray Televisions everyone had [...]

Why Use OPC UA Instead of RESTful Interface

Did you know that there’s a new battleground where manufacturers are bleeding time and money? [...]

Getting Modbus Data into a Database

Modbus data is everywhere. There is no end to the number of devices that have [...]

ASCII Data over HTTP

ASCII data will be with us forever. It was invented out of necessity in the [...]

Modbus to Azure

I am a big fan of Modbus. Always have been and always will be (after [...]


The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for OPC UA are doing a lot of interesting work. [...]