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A House Divided

Do you live in a house divided by electronics? If you think that religion or [...]

Personal Area Networks Part 5 of 7

The previous article in this series discussed the characteristics of the physical part of the [...]

Can I Admit Something

Can I admit something? I am just not an e-reader kind of guy. I really [...]

My Time At Kimberly-Clark

Once upon a time I was a development engineer for Kimberly-Clark. That was a fun [...]


I have a weird relationship with Profibus. I like a bunch of things about it [...]

How Small Can You Go?

There is a natural tendency to go small and cheap when you pick a microprocessor. [...]

Wireless Radios – A Simple Primer

If you want to know more about how all these wireless systems really work be [...]

Questions & Answers

There are the top ten questions I have answered lately. Let’s review them: 1. What [...]