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Connecting Rockwell and Siemens Automation Systems – Part 1

There are really no two bigger names in industrial automation than Siemens and Rockwell. Both [...]

Have I Lost My Mind?!

I admit that this may sound crazy, but I’ve been known to do and say [...]

Manufacturing Faces Many and Varied Headaches

It’s a difficult time for manufacturers. Very difficult. If you have a small to medium [...]

Wanted: New Ways to Model Information in Automation

In lots of ways, when you compare the technology used in Industrial Automation to what’s [...]

Immortal Modbus

When I think of Modbus and the future, I am reminded of that old joke [...]

GE And The Internet Of Things

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the GE Innovation Summit in [...]

Future of the Factory Floor

I’m hearing a lot of talk about IT protocols and the factory floor. This stems [...]

Can I Admit Something

Can I admit something? I am just not an e-reader kind of guy. I really [...]

“DeviceNet is Dead” – Revisited Ten years Later

About ten years ago I got myself in a world of trouble. Big Trouble. I [...]

The 10.5 MYTHS of Industrial Device Converters & Gateways 6-10.5

Myth#6 – No Need for DeviceNet Gateways – DeviceNet is Dead (and Profibus too) I [...]