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Connectivity Is Now a Given – No Matter What Kind of Device You Have

There are a large number of industrial device manufacturers. It’s impossible to count them all. [...]

It can’t be delivered without the right Address, even in OPC UA

If you’re someone that’s new to OPC UA, one of the first things that I’d [...]

You mean that Current Loop is still current?

Many older process plants still use what most of us would believe to be an [...]

OPC UA and the Internet

If you know anything about me at all, you know that I am a big [...]

OPC UA Isn’t the Complete Answer

As many of you know, I am a proponent of OPC UA. Have been for [...]

Drive Connectivity

A few weeks ago, I attended the Motor and Drive conference in Orlando. Besides the [...]

If You’re New to Manufacturing Automation…

If you haven’t been around the manufacturing floor like I have for the last forty [...]

PackML Application

I really hate a lot of things about my cell phone. I’ve learned not to [...]

ASCII Device Communication in 2018

I would bet some of you reading this today are using Windows 8, Windows 7 [...]

MODBUS – Glad You Asked! (Part 3)

My previous Modbus article focused on Modbus protocol questions. The blog focuses on questions related [...]