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Modbus is the most pervasive communications protocol in industrial and building automation and the most [...]

DF1, Another Acronym

I had a friend that once that worked at NASA for a short time. He [...]

RA Obsolescence

If I only had a nickel for every SLC, PLC5, and MicroLogix in use today. [...]


RS-232 and Modbus are two words that just don’t go together. Sort of like Lawrence [...]

What’s So Special About RS232 and RS485?

Modbus over RS232 and RS485 kicked off networking in automation. Before then, all we had [...]

DeviceNet Changed Everything

Everyone has one of those seminal moments from their childhood that they’ll remember forever. Mine [...]

New Years, Old Modbus

The New Year is a nostalgic time of year, one that converges with an end-of-year [...]


I’ve been around the Industrial Automation industry for a fair amount of time now. Just [...]

ASCII Revisited

Had lunch with Chester the other day. Chester is an old manufacturing guy from way [...]

ASCII to Something

I get a number of questions every week about moving ASCII data. Moving ASCII data [...]