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MODBUS – Glad You Asked!

I travel a lot. When you travel as much as I do, you tend to [...]

Why Modbus TCP?

RTA recently started working with a client on a development project where we’ll be embedding [...]

New Years, Old Modbus

The New Year is a nostalgic time of year, one that converges with an end-of-year [...]

OPC part 6 – OPC Task Force

At the end of my last entry I was discussing how OLE had advanced to [...]

OPC Part 4 PC Intro

An advantage of the “aged”, a group I have now accidently joined, is memory and [...]

OPC Part 3 Other IPC’s

Recently I have spent some time talking about DDE – Dynamic Data Exchange. DDE is [...]


A guy at Rockwell called me yesterday. When I take those calls it never know [...]