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Kendall Electric Show June 2013

It’s no secret that I like to talk. Some people say that I’m a ham. [...]

When Is EtherNet/IP Not The Right Choice?

I had an interesting phone conversation with a guy this morning on EtherNet/IP and how [...]


I’ve become jaded over the years. Sorry to say that but it’s true. I’ve lost [...]

1734 Modules

Our EtherNet/IP Scanner is adaptable to lots of different platforms, processors and RTOS environments. It [...]

Mysteries of Serial Communications

For those of us that think, breathe and talk Ethernet all day long it is [...]

Modbus Data Types

I remember when I had this roommate. Let’s call him Mark. Great guy. One of [...]

USB Fails To Deliver On The Plant Floor

USB is one of the best things to ever happen to computing. It standardized how [...]

OPC DA Data Modeling

One of the more interesting parts of my jobs is talking with automation guys (yes [...]

It Never Fails…

Our customers never fail to astound me. There are some things that are so unbelievable [...]

Customers continue to be attracted to EtherCAT. They find it Different, Novel and Surprising.

Different: EtherCAT is probably the first Ethernet network to achieve prominence that was designed from [...]