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EtherNet/IP and the TCP/IP Software Stack

I’m sure that there’s software that is more historic; the code that landed Neil Armstrong [...]

Software-Defined Networking (Part 2)

This is my second article on a technology that I think is going to have [...]

EtherNet/IP API

In the early days of the PC, there was little to no source code to [...]

OPC UA Day In Europe

Once again I journeyed across the pond to OPC UA day Europe. This year’s event [...]

Open Source In Automation Products

There are a lot of things I like: pizza, bacon and eggs, bagels with real [...]

IOT: Have it Your Way

I hate the term IoT – the Internet of Things. It is just wrong on [...]

Tag Fragmentation

If you know me I’m always on the lookout for new products. I wish I [...]

When Free Is Not Free!

Recently, I’ve had some interesting conversations with a developer in Texas about EtherNet/IP. They have [...]

Free Is Not Really Free?

I often have people asking me about the free versions of software that are floating [...]