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What Is Device Enablement?

Every factory floor is lined with various devices, from sensors and actuators to motor drives [...]

Secure EtherNet/IP Devices

We were surprised recently to get a report that one of our EtherNet/IP Adapter stacks had [...]

The Micro Embedded Profile

I’m sure that I am probably alone in this, but I find new car shopping [...]

Source Code Issues for Embedded Engineers

In the technology world, we expect things to get easier and better. If you’re a [...]

What is the OPC UA Nano Profile?

I’ve used a lot of networking technologies over my career. In fact – and I’m [...]

Scale RFID And Barcode EtherNet/IP Integration

I’ve come to realize that my world is pretty different from the world experienced by [...]

What’s wrong with RsLinx?

I get a lot of questions from customers about replacing RsLinx in their automation systems. [...]

What’s missing from Profinet

I spent a couple of days last week at a Profinet seminar in Troy, Michigan [...]