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What is an EtherNet/IP Port Number?

Imagine for a moment that your computer is a big warehouse and you’ve taken the [...]

What Exactly is UA TCP?

Everyone who has any knowledge of the internet is well-aware of the Transport Control Protocol [...]

EtherNet/IP and DTLS

EtherNet/IP, like PROFINET IO and some other industrial protocols, uses both acyclic and cyclic communications. [...]

Multicast Communication

I’m sometimes envious at how a group of women can be engaged in multiple concurrent [...]

DF1, Another Acronym

I had a friend that once that worked at NASA for a short time. He [...]

Industrial Ethernet Security

I admit it. All this security talk makes my head spin. I didn’t go to [...]

My Crystal Ball Has Some Spaghetti Sauce On It But It Still Works

I’m in the great city of Bologna today. This is probably my favorite city in [...]

ASCII Part 2

Last night Elon Musk was on 60 Minutes. Now, generally I don’t watch much of [...]

Siemens PLC’s

I’m in Rome Italy tonight. Walked all over Rome today. My hotel is near the [...]


I’m in Tampa for a few days of scuba diving and touring the area. I [...]