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Web Servers for Allen-Bradley PLCs – Part 2

The previous article in this series discussed what web servers are and how they function [...]

Web Servers for Allen-Bradley PLCs – Part 1

If you’re like the typical factory floor engineer, you’re probably not very familiar with web [...]

REST – It’s Not Like All The Rest!

If you’re an expert on Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET IO or OPC UA, you’re going [...]

The Odd Couple: OPC UA and Modbus

If you’ve been around this planet for a while I’m sure you’ve run into the [...]

Future of the Factory Floor

I’m hearing a lot of talk about IT protocols and the factory floor. This stems [...]

OPC UA in Europe

OPC UA continues to explode in Europe and Germany in particular. For those of you [...]

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Things change. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worse. Sometimes we can control the [...]

Web Services

I keep talking to large organizations that all have the same need. They want a [...]

Packaging Integration – A Case Study

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed (I’m sure this will come back to haunt [...]