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Old McDonald Had a Factory…

One of my favorite songs from childhood is: Old McDonald had a factory, E-I-E-I-O. And [...]

Let’s Talk About the Bus in Modbus

A computer protocol like Modbus is nothing more than a series of bits with a [...]

Personal Area Networks Part 5 of 7

The previous article in this series discussed the characteristics of the physical part of the [...]

Wireless Radios Part 4 of 7

We’ve been talking in previous articles about features and characteristics of 802.15.4, the level 2 [...]

Personal Area Networks Part 3 of 7

Personal Area Networks (PAN) – A Simple Primer   The previous two articles in this [...]

Yes, I’ve Changed My Mind

Alright I’ll admit it. I’m kind of stubborn. I think everyone is to a certain [...]