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How Does DH+ Compare to Ethernet?

When it comes to industrial communications protocols, one of the inevitable questions is: How does [...]

10 Keys to Understanding MTConnect

MTConnect is an open, royalty-free standard that provides a very detailed semantic vocabulary for devices [...]

Taking a Drive Down the Data Highway

Do you remember the term data highway? That’s what they called the internet way back [...]

Three Reasons to Love EtherCAT

My wife and I are very similar people in a lot of ways but also [...]

A Refresher Course on OSI & TCP/IP

EtherNet/IP. PROFINET. Modbus. MQTT. OPC UA. We spend so much time and energy talking about [...]

Get Your CANopen-er Gear Today!

CANopen is the only industrial protocol in which devices are not strictly peer-to-peer and not [...]

Will DF1 Live Forever? (Revisited)

DF1 is no longer entering middle age, it’s creeping up on retirement age. Anyone who [...]


I love fun facts, especially those that disprove common misconceptions. Here are a few that [...]

Wondering Aloud About Device Discovery

In the IT world, both network pings and System Network Maintenance Protocols (SNMP) provide a [...]

Three Things Every Beginner Must Know About PROFINET IO

It was 3:00 AM and I couldn’t sleep. My wife had made her way to [...]