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PLCs v PACs v IPCs

In the world of industrial automation, the terms PLC, PAC and IPC get thrown around [...]

Why Partner with an Expert in Data Movement?

Revenue drives business. In the industrial manufacturing space, revenue growth comes down to reducing waste [...]

How to Pick an Edge Device Platform

An awful lot of time and effort is put into discussing factor floor protocols like [...]

The Future of MQTT?

I have an interesting history with MQTT. In the very early days, I disliked it [...]

The Control Engineer’s Guide to Amazon AWS – Part 2

The AWS IoT Architecture In part 1, I described AWS history and the creation of [...]

In the OPC UA vs. MQTT Battle, Manufacturers Lose

Those of us with more gray in our hair and a more leisurely gait have [...]

Meet MQTT, The Industrial Protocol That Takes Your Data To The Cloud

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a mechanism for moving data around the factory floor [...]

A Very Unusual Birthday

I write this on July 4, three weeks after my birthday. As birthdays go, this [...]

The Control Engineer’s Guide to Amazon AWS – Part 1

It’s not news that Amazon AWS is a growing presence on factory floors across the [...]

Questions You Must Ask Before Investing in Factory Connectivity (Part 2 of 2)

I had a pretty wild night during my first semester of college. It was homecoming [...]