The OPC Foundation this week released its fall schedule of seminars. The schedule, while subject to change, plans to visit more cities than in past years:

SEATTLE, September 28
TORONTO, October 5
CLEVELAND, October 11
AUSTIN, November 14

As in past years, RTA will sponsor six of the OPC UA seminars. I will be there to talk to people about OPC UA, our source code solutions, the RTA OPC UA gateways, and implementation issues. I will also be giving away a number of books to lucky people at the seminars.

Why should you plan to visit one of the seminars? Well, besides the chance to meet me in person and get one of my books, you can learn the following:

 The benefits and value proposition for OPC UA
 What OPC UA is and what the new communication extensions like Pub/Sub are
 How OPC UA integrated end-to-end security works
 Why OPC UA is the standard for Industrial IIoT, M2M and Industrie 4.0
 How other companies are using OPC UA
 What the best practices are for today’s connected industrial enterprise
 How to get started with OPC UA

I’ve attended literally a hundred of these kinds of seminars over the last 30 years and the OPC Foundation puts on a pretty good one. You have a chance to learn not only from the speakers but from very knowledgeable and expert staff from people that are deploying OPC UA products today.

There is no prerequisite for coming to the seminar. It helps if you have a basic understanding of TCP/IP and Ethernet, otherwise you really don’t have context for the information. You don’t really need to understand OPC Classic. That’s really not pertinent to the discussion of OPC UA as OPC UA is very different from OPC Classic – so much so that if you know Classic, you won’t recognize OPC UA.

If OPC UA is something that is on your radar and you don’t know where to begin, this is a great opportunity for you.

I hope to see you there.

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