Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to do things differently. I’m the kind of guy that likes to have a good time, laugh a lot and have a lot of fun at work. I’m just not that serious. My family claims that I don’t take anything seriously.

I just laugh at everything and present RTA information in an interesting and enjoyable way for the audience. For example, last month I started a meeting with a very high profile group of Engineers in North Carolina by telling them that it’s Vladimir Putin’s Birthday and I came there at great sacrifice as my family usually gets together and has a cookout to celebrate Vlad’s Bday. I went on and on about how we all smack the Vlad Putin piñata and drink Russian Vodka (except for Uncle Jerry, of course) and how much I was missing out to be with them. It got everybody loose and really set the right tone for the presentation.

Well, know I’ve been silenced. Shut up forever. And I’m not all that happy about it. It used to be that at the Profinet Developers seminars each vendor would have 15 minutes to describe their products. Well you can imagine what it’s like for the audience to get 8 presentations full of gigabytes, megahertzes and milliamps from some of the most monotoned people on earth. A complete sleep fest. Except for mine of course. My 15 minutes was filled with stories of 8-bit Japanese codes (different than US codes), cubical days at Allen-Bradley (more magazines read in a day than anywhere else in the world), idiotic managers from Kimberly Clark (well, they fired me, duh!) and how I promise to lay off anyone who brings a donut to work (no will power). Rapt attention to me and higher retention of my message.

But that’s all over now. The other vendors convinced the Profinet powers that we shouldn’t do the presentations. That it wasn’t effective. They couldn’t compete with me so it’s over. I’m silenced. Never to emerge again with only this blog to get my sometimes funny, sometimes idiotic point of view across. I’ll live but I’m not happy about it.