We’re Serious About Accessories

Who doesn’t love accessories? Take your cellphone.  Gone are the days where you only ordered the phone, now you also purchase accessories for it – a wireless charger for convenience, a case for protection, a car charger so you’re never without power, etc.

At RTA, we offer an increasing array of accessories for our products, bringing you greater ease of use and peak functionality. Below are just a few of our most popular accessories:

DIN Rail Racks

At the Kendall Electric Technology Summit, we had a high-quality DIN rail rack holding a MicroLogix and an RTA 435NBX-N700-D connected to a barcode scanner. Now, we could’ve gone with a home-constructed rack, but why mount thousands of dollars of equipment on a rickety rack? RTA offers DIN rail racks called the TesRac, manufactured by QuepTech in Stevens Point, WI. Available in 14” and 22”, TesRacs are strong, durable, look great and make great desk test systems! Full details are available here.

Power Distribution Made Easy

The Power Distribution board is a critical step in making your setup work by allowing you to easily manage your power connections. Also manufactured by QuepTech, our A2 board features 8 circuits, fused, 36 VDC, with 2 amps per circuit. It includes one pair of 18″ output leads for power daisy chaining and mounting hardware. Check out our A2 Power Distribution board.

DIN Rail Mountable Power Supply

Whether it’s for RTA gateways or your other devices, you need a power source. RTA offers a sleek DIN rail mounted power supply by MEAN WELL providing 24 VDC output rated @ 0.42A, with an input range of 85-264 VAC and overload, over voltage, and short circuit protections. It also features energy saving, no load power consumption <0.75W. The power supply is RoHS compliant and UL listed, and the working temperature range is -20°C – 70 °C with working humidity range of 20 – 90% RH non-condensing.  It provides big power (up to 2 RTA gateways) in a small enclosure, measuring roughly 3.55” x 3.95” x 0.9” (HxDxW). Check it out here.

DIN Rail + Panel Mount Brackets

Not the gentlest with equipment? Get a backup DIN rail bracket or a pair of panel mount brackets to prevent headaches in case a bracket breaks. You can see our bracket offering right here.

Null Modem + Crossover CAT5 Programming Cables

Our gateways already include a CAT5 crossover and (if applicable) a null modem cable, but an extra set of programming cables could help to prevent delays with on-site troubleshooting.

Wall Wart Power Supply

RTA offers wall wart power supplies that provide up to 6 W continuous power and features DoE Level VI efficiency, no load power consumption < 0.1 W, and over voltage, over current, and short circuit protections, with compact powercord and barrel connector. With a universal input voltage range, it features UL/cUL, PSE safety approvals and is certified to 60950-1 and 62368-1 standards. The output voltage is 9 VDC @ 0.67A, with 6.03 W max output power.

RTA Enginerd Tip: Label your wall warts!  It can come in handy when relocating equipment!

Check out all our accessories here to find the products you need today to move your data how you want it, when you want it!