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Get Your CANopen-er Gear Today!

CANopen is the only industrial protocol in which devices are not strictly peer-to-peer and not [...]

Introduction to CAN

Controller Area Networking or CAN is a communications standard with a rather prolific set of [...]

CiA… Not That One

Like DeviceNet, CANopen is a CAN-based, low-level industrial application layer protocol for automation applications. CANopen [...]


I’m in Tampa for a few days of scuba diving and touring the area. I [...]

Moving Data into a PC

One of the hats I wear here at RTA is the “I’ve got a weird [...]

Modbus Gateways Ins And Outs

I have a bunch of customers using our software to build gateways devices.   A [...]

On The Road Again

I write this in the car on the way to Illinois. Meeting with a Motion [...]

Questions & Answers

There are the top ten questions I have answered lately. Let’s review them: 1. What [...]