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Not OPC UA’s Time in the Sun

I try very hard to not write anything controversial. It’s not that I shy away [...]

Sharing the Trade Floor with President Obama

I recently returned from Hannover Messe (‘messe’ is German for ‘fair’), my first visit to [...]

Still a Thrill: OPC UA Device Discovery

A long while back, I when I started working on industrial connectivity, I had hair. [...]

The Hateful Eight: Pros and Cons of EtherNet/IP

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve had someone ask me [...]

EtherNet/IP Assemblies 101

One of the hardest things to understand about EtherNet/IP is the concept of an assembly: [...]

EtherNet/IP Big Data Part 2

In my last article, I discussed how to use EtherNet/IP Explicit Messages to transfer large [...]

OPC UA: Data Type vs. DataTypeDefinition

  Terminology is always a killer. It seems that we humans have to use special [...]

Siemens PLC’s

I’m in Rome Italy tonight. Walked all over Rome today. My hotel is near the [...]

EtherNet/IP EDS Update

I just completed an analysis of the new Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) changes that have [...]

Modbus Over CIP

I don’t think I ever mentioned my integrator friend Milos. Milos is Yugoslavian. At least [...]