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What is CIP?

CIP – The Common Industrial Protocol If you pay any attention to Rockwell Automation at [...]

AB Logix Product Line

I really do like the Logix controller family from Allen–Bradley. You have to admire it. [...]

CIP Terminology

I had a friend who worked at NASA a number of years ago when the [...]

The Future of CIP Communications

A few weeks ago I journeyed to lake country to visit with one of our [...]

CIP – The Common Industrial Protocol

CIP is a term I don’t like because it’s one of those terms that industrial [...]

The Cloud & EtherNet/IP

I read today that integration of the factory floor and the Cloud is THE biggest [...]

EtherNet/IP Moving Forward!

What do Frisbees, duct tape, and crow bars have in common? Give up? None of [...]

The EtherNet/IP Origin Story

People love stories. We are wired to pay attention when someone says: “Hey, I’ve got [...]

CIP Class Complexity

As many of you know who continually read these articles, I am a very simple [...]

EtherNet/IP and TCP/IP

I have a friend, Emily, who knows all about muscles. More than that, she knows [...]