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Siemens PLC’s

I’m in Rome Italy tonight. Walked all over Rome today. My hotel is near the [...]

How Can I Implement EtherNet/IP?

I had an interesting call last week from a guy in Texas. I love Texas. [...]

TCP/IP Stacks Part 3

In this blog I am going to discuss a little known flaw in a lot [...]

SLC 5/05 Networked Connections

There are some things that Rockwell does that make great sense, some that make sense [...]

Big And Little Indian

A week or two ago I went to the ODVA EtherNet/IP Developers Quick Start in [...]


SIMPLICITY IN ALL THINGS I’m a very simple guy. In many different ways. I don’t [...]

1734 Modules

Our EtherNet/IP Scanner is adaptable to lots of different platforms, processors and RTOS environments. It [...]

Tag Fragmentation

If you know me I’m always on the lookout for new products. I wish I [...]


I have a weird relationship with Profibus. I like a bunch of things about it [...]

PLC’s and Printers

PRINTER COMMUNICATIONS One of the most prevalent applications for our products is connecting printers to [...]