I’m a very simple guy. In many different ways.

I don’t want a cool car – I just want transportation. I don’t want fancy clothes – just keep me warm and comfortable. I don’t lie (or at least try hard not to) because I know I wouldn’t be very good at it. It’s too hard (complicated) to keep the story straight.

That attitude has carried over to RTA. Our products have to be simple. The one thing that I really know is that the Engineer deploying one of our gateways ( is a very expensive resource to that company. If he has to spend two hours, let alone a half a day or a full day configuring our gateways then he just spent more money on labor than on that product. And that’s not right.

We’ve made a number of decisions to make sure that the deployment process is smooth and trouble free. And it starts with our web site. On our web site you’ll find a web page describing the product you need. If you want to move barcode data to a PLC (our 435NBX) then you’ll find that web page. If you want to move Modbus data to a BACnet/IP Controller (our 460MCBS) you’ll find that web page. And we’ve done the same with hundreds of other solutions. My goal is to make it easy for you to find the exact product that is going to solve your problem.

Once you’ve located the product, you can call and confirm your understanding of the unit and its operation. And you’ll get a LIVE PERSON to answer the phone. He or she will direct you to someone that can answer that particular question. Again, your time is important and we’re going to get you to someone that has the answers you need as fast as possible.

Next, I want you to get that Barcode to PLC gateway or other device deployed as fast as possible. Because we know what problem you have, we are going to preconfigure a lot of things for you. When you start the web server up, you are going to find just three or four steps you have to go through to get it all working.  And that’s where you will really save time (money, money, money).

A few months ago the RTA Engineers asked me to review the browser main screen. Now, you have to understand that I am the least controlling manager in the world. The people that work at RTA have the authority to do pretty much anything they want (short of increasing their own salary though a couple of them do have that option).  Anyway I hated the new main screen and tore it apart. This is probably the only time in the last few years that I played the “el president” card. I reserve that card for matters of great import where the customer experience is going to suffer.

So they redesigned it and its being deployed this month. I hope you’ll like the next screens. We’ve added some powerful new features but stayed true to the simplicity that you’ve come expect with our Modbus RTU gateways, BACnet IP gateways, EtherNet/IP gateways and all the rest.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you. I want you to hold us to a high standard of simplicity and ease-of-use. If this new look and feel doesn’t work right for you – let me know and we’ll do something about it.

That’s my promise,