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The ODVA 2020 Industry Conference & 20th Annual Meeting

One of the best-run conferences of the year is the ODVA Industry Conference. I have [...]

Trust is an EtherNet/IP Device with CIP Security

At last year’s Rockwell Automation Fair, one hundred people attended the session on CIP Security. [...]

Multicast (One More Time…)

If you’re doing it right, life is a process of continuous learning. If you’ve learned [...]

The Wide, Wide World of Switching

There’s one thing that most of us EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP or PROFINET IO vendors will [...]

What Is CIP Security for Ethernet/IP?

Have you ever had the experience of being so close to a thing that you [...]

Important CIP Security Terms

The very first devices are being released that support EtherNet/IP with CIP Security. With these [...]

Autonegotiation: An EtherNet/IP Implementation Problem

It’s time for me to admit something and its sort of hard to admit. OK, [...]

IO-Link Data Definitions

There is no question that over the last ten years, IO-Link has moved from obscurity [...]

The Manufacturing Data Prison

I don’t know how you personally spend your days, but If you spent them traveling [...]

The Future of EtherNet/IP

Every technology has a life span. It’s introduced. Innovators and early adopters get a hold [...]