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DeviceNet and the Zombie Apocalypse

Many a year ago, in a faraway place, I attended an ODVA conference (Colorado I [...]

The Art of CYA: Useful Troubleshooting Tools

I have an interesting job. I get to talk to people all over North America. [...]

NET-ENI Upgrade

Sometimes you just have to say sorry… I don’t know how many of you have [...]

Modbus and OPC UA – How do we make that marriage work?

Tens of millions of Modbus devices have been shipped all over the world. There probably [...]

ASCII Data over HTTP

ASCII data will be with us forever. It was invented out of necessity in the [...]

To Modbus or Not to Modbus, That Is the Question!

Every technology and innovation has its day. The steam engine, a revolutionary technology that revolutionized [...]

OPC UA Under the Radar

OPC UA® is still very under the radar for a lot of folks in the [...]

Other Devices

John Donne wrote the famous poem “No Man is an Island.” Personally, I’m thinking about [...]

Multiple Masters

When an engineer starts using Modbus TCP (the Ethernet version) instead of Modbus RTU (the [...]

MicroLogix PLC

The human brain is an incredible machine. Over the past few years, I’ve learned some [...]