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Tag Fragmentation

If you know me I’m always on the lookout for new products. I wish I [...]

Stop The Killing! It Must Stop And Stop Now!

Once again I get another product with over the top functionality, complexity for complexities sake [...]

MicroLogix in a Time of Maximum information

A lot of these blogs are about my faults. Probably because there are so many. [...]

System Integrators

I really admire you system integrator guys. There are guys that do more complex work, [...]

What’s wrong with RsLinx?

I get a lot of questions from customers about replacing RsLinx in their automation systems. [...]

It Never Fails…

Our customers never fail to astound me. There are some things that are so unbelievable [...]

Moving DeviceNet Data to a MicroLogix…Yes It’s Simple

No, this isn’t a torture device used at Guantonamo. And no, it’s not an image [...]