System Integrators

I really admire you system integrator guys. There are guys that do more complex work, like electrical designers. There are guys that have to work with huge emotional swings like outside sales guys.  There are guys that have to work under pressure; guys like me that run small businesses, but there aren’t many people that see it all like System Integrators.


You guys are really unbelievable. You usually work right at the job site under the scrutiny of the customer. You start up a machine and if it barfs right there, you’re customer, his boss and possibly his CEO are either going to see it or hear about it. You’ve got immense pressure to complete the project early and under budget. You’ve got competitive pressures. How in the world do you bid a machine build and figure out how long it will take to build all the pieces but program it and get it running at speed? It’s really beyond me.


And then there are the technical issues. You have so much to deal with. You have I/O hardware – there’s new stuff out all the time. There are lots of different PLCs – Rockwell is bringing out a new Micrologix this year. Do you use that guy or not? It’s going to be cheaper but will it be ready? Will it work? If you don’t use it, will the guy bidding against you use it to lower his bid?


The business has really changed over the years and will change more in the coming years. You now have a huge networking and IT component to your jobs. Everything is more complex. Everything must be connected. And a lot of connections have to be made to PCs and back end systems like MRP and ERM stuff.


I don’t know how you do it or I know I could never do it. What I can do is to provide you with the tools to make your job a little easier. That means stuff like our EtherNet/IP No Royalty Tag Client source code. You can get our EtherNet/IP software for Linux or Windows . It gives you an easy way to move tags in and out of CLX PLCs. You can reduce costs on your PC controllers by eliminating RSLinx and OPC. Instead of ongoing costs, you can pay as you go until it’s paid for and then you get that interface for free. Click on ELIMINATE RSLINX to get more information.


Or you might want to try our system integrator gateway solutions. We specialize in the right products that make your life easier and get the job done faster. Here’s the story from an old Rockwell guy:


“As part of my duties at Rockwell I had on occasion to connect ASCII device to our Programmable Controllers. And I DREADED IT! I usually had to spend 8 hours or more to get something to work right. Well, one day I bought a 435NBA module from RTA and assumed the same would apply. I cleared my schedule for the whole day. I cleared my desk so I would have room for manuals and tools and access to web pages with information. I got my coffee and sat down at 8AM prepared for a long hard day. AT 8:10AM I WAS DONE! I couldn’t believe it. It was the most incredibly simply device I have ever used. WOW! Thank you RTA.”


That’s the kind of story I hear all the time. You have a tough job and RTA is hear to make your life a little easier.


If you have any specific questions, hit the contact us button from one of our web pages and I’ll get back to you.

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