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Modbus to Azure

I am a big fan of Modbus. Always have been and always will be (after [...]

To Modbus or Not to Modbus, That Is the Question!

Every technology and innovation has its day. The steam engine, a revolutionary technology that revolutionized [...]

ASCII Encoding Guide

ASCII is extremely important to all of us. As computers were developed in the 1950s [...]

Modbus Turnaround Times

Human beings are lucky. We can operate full-duplex. That means we can listen and talk [...]

Modbus for City Slickers

I like the movie City Slickers. I think it appeals to me because we are [...]

It’s Time for Time Sensitive Networking!

TSN, which stands for Time Sensitive Networking, is the technology behind the effort to converge [...]

Let’s Talk About the Bus in Modbus

A computer protocol like Modbus is nothing more than a series of bits with a [...]


When we think of Modbus, we think of a forty year old protocol, old machines, [...]


Modbus is the most pervasive communications protocol in industrial and building automation and the most [...]

For Book Worms

Many of you know that I am an author. I’d always thought I’d like to [...]