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RS-232 and Modbus are two words that just don’t go together. Sort of like Lawrence [...]


What could have been and never was… Once a year or so, just like the [...]

When NOT to Use Modbus

I’ve been writing about Modbus, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP since I had hair, and [...]

The Odd Couple: OPC UA and Modbus

If you’ve been around this planet for a while I’m sure you’ve run into the [...]

Modbus Plus: Mystery at the Museum

I like the TV show “Mysteries at the Museum”. They tell stories about odd things [...]

What’s So Special About RS232 and RS485?

Modbus over RS232 and RS485 kicked off networking in automation. Before then, all we had [...]

DeviceNet Changed Everything

Everyone has one of those seminal moments from their childhood that they’ll remember forever. Mine [...]

Writing in a Paris Garret… on Modbus

If you think that I limit my trivial, nonsensical writing to LinkedIn and the RTA [...]

Immortal Modbus

When I think of Modbus and the future, I am reminded of that old joke [...]

Modbus Conformance

If you’re a device manufacturer and you’ve ever developed an EtherNet/IP Adapter, BACnet/IP Server or [...]