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Celebrating a Grand Experiment

Most of us have just celebrated the 4th of July. We were all outside with [...]

Memorial Day 2021 – Let Us Remember

“Those are those who speak about you who say, he lost a leg, she lost [...]

2020: Not The Worst Year – Not By A Long Shot

If you’re like me, you’re still thinking “Thank God that freaking 2020 is over!” For [...]

Democrats vs. Republicans? “Child’s Play!”

If you’re not a partisan Democrat or a partisan Republican, you probably roll eyes when [...]

Why I Stand For The Flag

It was a few months ago. A beautiful summer evening, a football stadium, a gentle [...]

A Life Well-Lived

My 93-year-old uncle, whose life I managed over the past several years, passed away in [...]

The Only Choice: Move or Die

The silence is broken only by the forlorn sound of taps. The notes seem to [...]

My Most Memorable Day of the 20th Century

I missed many of the important dates in the 20th century: October 1st, 1908 when [...]

Proud to be an American this Fourth of July

I Won the Birth Lottery: Born in the USA I love the Fourth of July. [...]

The Fourteen No Longer In Business

The year 2019 marks my 30th year in business. It’s remarkable as only about 1 [...]