Memorial Day 2021 – Let Us Remember

Let us remember Memorial Day - 2021 - May Newsletter

“Those are those who speak about you who say, he lost a leg, she lost her sight. I object. You gave your arm, you gave your leg, you gave your sight as gifts to your nation so that we might live in freedom. Thank you. And to your families, families of the fallen and families of the wounded, you’ve sacrificed in ways that those of us who have no walked in your shoes, can only imagine.”

-General Peter M. Pace

8,000 dead in the Revolutionary War; 34,000 in Korea. Almost 50,000 in Vietnam. A total of 215,000 in the Civil War and more than 290,000 in World War II. Every one of them left their hometown, left their family and friends and willingly put their life on the line. They served not to rape, pillage or gain territory. None served because some monarch compelled them by threatening starvation for their families.

And their lives were lost. More than 500,000 in the last 250 years of our country.

In the Revolutionary War, it was to shake off the yoke of a tyrant. In the Civil War, to end slavery and preserve the union. In Vietnam, Korea, Europe, Asia and other places to free people they didn’t know from oppression.

They were common people who, when needed, acted extraordinarily.

This Memorial Day remember these common people. Attend a local Memorial Day service, offer a silent prayer or at least spend a few minutes thinking of these hundreds of thousands of men and women who made the greatest of all sacrifices for our freedom and the freedom of tens of millions around the world.