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OPC UA in Europe

OPC UA continues to explode in Europe and Germany in particular. For those of you [...]

Moving Data into a PC

One of the hats I wear here at RTA is the “I’ve got a weird [...]

Mysteries of Serial Communications

For those of us that think, breathe and talk Ethernet all day long it is [...]

Access To ControlLogix PLCs

Many, many of our customers are interested in transferring data between their embedded or PC-based [...]

What To Know About EtherNet/IP

Everybody is really busy today. Even with shrinking budgets, long time customers now in the [...]

A Birthday Tribute to Myself

I just had a birthday. Not much of a celebration around my house. In fact [...]

More On OPC

This is the second part of my blathering on OPC. Here I’ll describe what OPC [...]