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How to Chain EtherNet/IP Nodes

Most people are familiar with the EtherNet/IP architecture where some set of EtherNet/IP adapters are [...]

Getting Modbus Data into a Database

Modbus data is everywhere. There is no end to the number of devices that have [...]

AB Logix Product Line

I really do like the Logix controller family from Allen–Bradley. You have to admire it. [...]

If You’re New to Manufacturing Automation…

If you haven’t been around the manufacturing floor like I have for the last forty [...]

ASCII Device Communication in 2018

I would bet some of you reading this today are using Windows 8, Windows 7 [...]

What the “UTF”?

In this edition of my dissertation on ASCII I am going to devolve into the [...]

The Cloud & EtherNet/IP

I read today that integration of the factory floor and the Cloud is THE biggest [...]

IOT: Have it Your Way

I hate the term IoT – the Internet of Things. It is just wrong on [...]

DF1, Another Acronym

I had a friend that once that worked at NASA for a short time. He [...]

A House Divided

Do you live in a house divided by electronics? If you think that religion or [...]