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Options for AOP and EDS

PLC programmers hate mapping data like I hate washing and cutting vegetables. They’d much rather [...]

Sharing the Trade Floor with President Obama

I recently returned from Hannover Messe (‘messe’ is German for ‘fair’), my first visit to [...]

The Hateful Eight: Pros and Cons of EtherNet/IP

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve had someone ask me [...]

Sit Tight; EtherNet/IP QuickConnect is Around the Corner

I first heard about EtherNet/IP sometime in the late 1990s. Up to that time we [...]

EtherNet/IP Big Data Part 2

In my last article, I discussed how to use EtherNet/IP Explicit Messages to transfer large [...]

EtherNet/IP Big Data

Transferring large data sets in EtherNet/IP using Explicit Messaging I keep a big bag next [...]

Future of the Factory Floor

I’m hearing a lot of talk about IT protocols and the factory floor. This stems [...]

Betamax and HMI’s

I’m old enough to remember the war between VHS and Betamax. If you don’t remember, [...]

Stop the Presses

STOP THE PRESSES! Major advancement in automation technology is upon us…Rockwellis introducing a Micrologix processor [...]

Can I Admit Something

Can I admit something? I am just not an e-reader kind of guy. I really [...]