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Thumbs Down on the Digital Revolution!

If this article touches a nerve – or gets you to TOUCH anything – then [...]

The Confusing World of Artificial Intelligence

I’d venture to guess that what most of us know about AI would fit in [...]

The Future of EtherNet/IP

Every technology has a life span. It’s introduced. Innovators and early adopters get a hold [...]

The Top 10 Manufacturing Networks of 2019

Since the first days of Modbus, system designers have been creating new manufacturing networks. Sometimes [...]

My Most Memorable Day of the 20th Century

I missed many of the important dates in the 20th century: October 1st, 1908 when [...]

Automate For ROI, Not Technology

I can’t help but snicker when I when I hear the “fear factor” applied to [...]

The EtherNet/IP Origin Story

People love stories. We are wired to pay attention when someone says: “Hey, I’ve got [...]


I am an engineer by training and a technologist by interest. I follow technology and [...]