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The EtherNet/IP Origin Story

People love stories. We are wired to pay attention when someone says: “Hey, I’ve got [...]

For Book Worms

Many of you know that I am an author. I’d always thought I’d like to [...]

CIP Class Complexity

As many of you know who continually read these articles, I am a very simple [...]

The Big Problem for Device Manufacturers

I had a very interesting call the other day from a guy in the controller [...]

EtherNet/IP and TCP/IP

I have a friend, Emily, who knows all about muscles. More than that, she knows [...]

What’s ‘Open’ on the Factory Floor is Not What’s ‘Open’ to IT

Moving is supposed to be the third most stressful event, outranked only by death and [...]

CiA… Not That One

Like DeviceNet, CANopen is a CAN-based, low-level industrial application layer protocol for automation applications. CANopen [...]

Profibus DP: A History of Speed

Profibus is an interesting technology for a lot of reasons. It is still very dominant [...]

DeviceNet Changed Everything

Everyone has one of those seminal moments from their childhood that they’ll remember forever. Mine [...]

MTConnect Saves from the Fires of Adapter Hell

Those of us in the world of discrete and process automation think that everyone is [...]