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The Hateful Eight: Pros and Cons of EtherNet/IP

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve had someone ask me [...]

EtherNet/IP Assemblies 101

One of the hardest things to understand about EtherNet/IP is the concept of an assembly: [...]

The Secrets of OPC UA Clients

Everyone loves secrets. No one loves secrets more than kids. The other day my granddaughter [...]

Immortal Modbus

When I think of Modbus and the future, I am reminded of that old joke [...]

Sit Tight; EtherNet/IP QuickConnect is Around the Corner

I first heard about EtherNet/IP sometime in the late 1990s. Up to that time we [...]


History can always be sliced and diced in different ways. The history of the Civil [...]

Windows Embedded vs. Linux

I’m an agnostic. I just don’t care. No, not regarding religious beliefs. I’m talking about [...]

GE And The Internet Of Things

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the GE Innovation Summit in [...]

Future of the Factory Floor

I’m hearing a lot of talk about IT protocols and the factory floor. This stems [...]

ASCII Part 2

Last night Elon Musk was on 60 Minutes. Now, generally I don’t watch much of [...]