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“DeviceNet is Dead” – Revisited Ten years Later

About ten years ago I got myself in a world of trouble. Big Trouble. I [...]

Loose & Tight Systems

When I gave Drew, our fun and entertainment director, the title of this piece, he [...]

Implementation Guide To OPC UA

There’s a discussion I seem to be having about once a week on implementing OPC [...]

EtherNet/IP EDS

It’s time for me to eat a little crow I’m sorry to say. I eat [...]

OPC DA Data Modeling

One of the more interesting parts of my jobs is talking with automation guys (yes [...]

OPC Part 4 PC Intro

An advantage of the “aged”, a group I have now accidently joined, is memory and [...]

DeviceNet Assemblies Revisited

One of the hardest things to understand about DeviceNet is the concept of an assembly; [...]

Barcodes – YA Gotta Love EM’

How old is barcoding now? I think that when I watched Fred Flintstone as a [...]

DeviceNet CIP Connections

Once up a time about 1995 I spent every morning at Burger King. No, I [...]

Modbus Gateways Ins And Outs

I have a bunch of customers using our software to build gateways devices.   A [...]