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Certification Processes

A friend of mine in Detroit told me a story recently about an engineer from [...]

Leadership Changes

I recently returned from Southern Italy. The cycle of life is very apparent when you [...]

ODVA General Meeting October 2018

The ODVA had its annual general meeting in Stone Mountain Georgia on October 10 and [...]

What You Need to Know About EtherNet/IP Training

I am a big believer in training. All kinds of training. The way you can [...]

OPC UA Isn’t the Complete Answer

As many of you know, I am a proponent of OPC UA. Have been for [...]

The Cloud & EtherNet/IP

I read today that integration of the factory floor and the Cloud is THE biggest [...]

EtherNet/IP Moving Forward!

What do Frisbees, duct tape, and crow bars have in common? Give up? None of [...]

Sharing the Trade Floor with President Obama

I recently returned from Hannover Messe (‘messe’ is German for ‘fair’), my first visit to [...]

Scanners, and Adapters, and EtherNet/IP. Oh My!

The Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Dorothy were afraid of lions, and tigers and [...]

Sit Tight; EtherNet/IP QuickConnect is Around the Corner

I first heard about EtherNet/IP sometime in the late 1990s. Up to that time we [...]