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How To Learn DeviceNet…

I hear from lots of people that don’t really know anything about DeviceNet. They usually [...]

It’s Just In And Out…

I had one of those calls the other day. I’d actually love getting these out [...]

When Free Is Not Free!

Recently, I’ve had some interesting conversations with a developer in Texas about EtherNet/IP. They have [...]

Free Is Not Really Free?

I often have people asking me about the free versions of software that are floating [...]

Questions & Answers

There are the top ten questions I have answered lately. Let’s review them: 1. What [...]

The Net in Singapore is BACnet

You can find me this week in Singapore. OK, honest now. Do you know where [...]

Fall Is Here Who Has The Jitters?

I’m at the EtherNet/IP ODVA meeting in Charlotte today. One of the biggest questions at [...]


What’s the COCO object you might ask? Well, for the past 8 years the only [...]

The Seven Words You Can’t Say…

George Carlin is Dead. I can’t say that I’m a big fan. I liked him [...]