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UA Training

I am an advocate of training. If you’ve followed my writings at all, you’ll know [...]

Modbus Security

It seems like there is a data breach every day now: Facebook, 50 million records; [...]

Manufacturing Faces Many and Varied Headaches

It’s a difficult time for manufacturers. Very difficult. If you have a small to medium [...]

DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP

DeviceNet was a revolutionary technology when it was introduced in 1994. You should realize that [...]

The Case Against Time-Sensitive Networking – Is It the Next Segway?

Was anything ever as hyped as much as the Segway? Dean Kamen, the innovative designer [...]

What is CIP?

CIP – The Common Industrial Protocol If you pay any attention to Rockwell Automation at [...]

ASCII to the Cloud Part 2

Stash is an old friend of mine (we’ve called him Stash since high school when [...]

Modbus and OPC UA – How do we make that marriage work?

Tens of millions of Modbus devices have been shipped all over the world. There probably [...]

Modbus WINS in Water and Waste Water

Modbus TCP (and RS485 Modbus RTU) continue to be the go to protocols for simple [...]

It can’t be delivered without the right Address, even in OPC UA

If you’re someone that’s new to OPC UA, one of the first things that I’d [...]