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EtherNet/IP Device Manufacturers! CIP Security is Here!

November 15, 2018, can now be formally marked in the history books as the day [...]

Data Exchange in OPC UA

In most industrial connectivity technologies, there are only limited ways for devices to move data [...]

The Micro Embedded Profile

I’m sure that I am probably alone in this, but I find new car shopping [...]

Certification Processes

A friend of mine in Detroit told me a story recently about an engineer from [...]

Modbus Over OPC UA (Part 3)

One of the problems with OPC UA (some would say it’s one the features) is [...]

EtherNet/IP and OPC UA

It’s a crazy time for manufacturing communications. We have more technologies to work with than [...]


Over the years, I’ve stated that OPC UA flexibility is both a blessing and a [...]

Leadership Changes

I recently returned from Southern Italy. The cycle of life is very apparent when you [...]

What is the OPC UA Nano Profile?

I’ve used a lot of networking technologies over my career. In fact – and I’m [...]

Modbus Over OPC UA

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of [...]