Hands-on OPC UA Development Training for IIoT

OPC UA Developer Course

Develop secure, certification ready OPC UA (IEC 62541) applications for IIoT/Industrie 4.0
Beeond, in cooperation with Microsoft, Honeywell- Matrikon, STMicroelectronics, Real Time Automation, and the OPC Foundation, is providing in-depth developer focused training on OPC UA to help vendors and users create the next generation industrial applications using certifiable standards.

Training is a key step in Beeond’s 5-Step Adoption Process. The 5-Steps are a common sense approach to adoption that enables businesses to reduce risk and realize value quickly and cost-effectively.

Beeond’s 5-Step Adoption Process
Attendes will learn to apply the technical aspects of the standards by putting the specifications in context, with real examples using available stacks and API’s. Commercial products, toolkits, etc. of our sponsors are also discussed as they may be needed to simplify and speed development.

Training also covers the infrastructural aspects of security and transport, including a quick overview of the newest Pub-Sub specification.

Who Should Attend
Experienced software developers, familiar with networking and OS concepts, industrial automation and embedded computing, and one or more languages and frameworks like C/C++, .NET, Python, JavaScript, etc.

Locations & Duration

  • September 25-27 – Redmond, WA
    Hosted by Microsoft
  • October 10-12 – Milwaukee, WI
    Hosted by Real Time Automation

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What You Will Learn
The training will address the four main components of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT):

  • SMART DEVICES: The training will guide students through the implementation of edge applications on embedded devices for real-time monitoring and control.
  • COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE: Deploying IIoT applications requires compliance with security and reliability standards for integration. Hands on labs will help you understand the value and implications of concepts like authentication, authorization, and discovery.
  • ANALYTICS AND APPLICATIONS TO INTERPRET AND ACT ON THE DATA: OPC UA goes beyond just transport and infrastructure. Information Modeling is a powerful abstraction to translate business processes into physical control. We will explore how many industry standards apply information modeling to represent a coherent, vertical interpretation of the enterprise.
  • People and processes: ultimately, data drives decisions taken by users or algorithms. We will see how OPC UA enables IIoT applications to enable edge-side condition based control and cloud-side machine learning driven execution.

Course Outline
Understanding the OPC UA Specification

  • Servers (using a free server simulator)
  • Clients (using a free client)
  • Information Modeling Fundamentals
  • Security Implementations

Server Implementation – Part 1

  • Development setup: tools, stacks, languages
  • Create and manage Sessions (with security)
  • Nodes management (Address Space)
  • Underlying Systems implementation

Product Compliance Testing

  • Using the OPC UA Compliance Testing Tool
  • Test your server prototype for basic profiles

Server Implementation – Part 2

  • Implementing the Secure Channel
  • Methods
  • Alarms and Conditions
  • Historical Access
  • Testing complex profiles with the CTT

Client Implementation

  • Read, write, and subscribe
  • Information Modeling for clients:
    • With precompiled proxy
    • With dynamic address space creation
    • Modify the server address space at runtime

Discovery Services and Cloud Integration

  • Find Servers on a network using Discovery Services
  • Pub-Sub fundamentals: Integrate your OPC UA
    Server with Azure IoT Edge

Valuable Takeaways

  • Training documentation (electronic copy)
  • Sample Code
  • UA Model eXcelerator (UMX) – Beeond’s Rapid Information Modeling Tool (60 Day Free Trial)
  • STMicroelectronics STM32F7 MCU 32-Bit Embedded Development Board
  • Matrikon FLEX OPC UA SDK Reference

Course Instructor
Costantino (Cos) Pipero

Founder & Chief Technologist
Beeond, Incorporated

Costantino has 20+ years of experience defining and delivering technology solutions for the manufacturing, process, and energy industries. Costantino is actively collaborating on key industry standards such as ISA95, OPC UA, and OpenSCS and has written articles and books on industry relevant topics. Costantino has extensive experience in developing OPC and OPC UA solutions from server systems to embedded devices and has been training engineers since 1997.

About Beeond, Inc
Beeond, Inc. helps manufactures and vendors capitalize on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by providing OPC UA consulting, training and software development services that guide and support them through the complete technology adoption lifecycle.

Beeond follows a 5-Step IIoT Adoption Process that is structured and organized, enabling our customers to reduce risk and realize value more quickly and cost-effectively. For more information visit our webiste at www.beeond.net.

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