Michael is DEAD!

Yes, Michael Jackson is dead and today is his funeral. I can’t think of a death that has evoked such an incredible range of emotions and perspective. Everything from unabashed hero worship to hopes that the pedophile rots in hell and lots in between.


He wasn’t a very big deal to me though I do remember playing a 45 of his over and over on the huge and I mean “huge” console stereo we had in the living room in the 1960s [This is where the twenty somethings are wondering what I mean by 45]. In fact I remember it was the song, “I’ll Be There”. That’s when Michael was the cute black kid with that great smile and incredible talent. In those days, everybody loved Michael.


I think Michael was 50. 50 is pretty young. In fact, it gets younger all the time for everyone. Yesterday I took my grandchildren to the lake where we swam, played catch and hiked for an hour. No DeviceNet. No EtherNet/IP. No Modbus TCP. Just a day playing in the water and doing what’s important. We were just out there making memories that those two kids will have for a lifetime. Something that they’ll remember when my day comes.


Here’s to you and the memories that you’re making with your friends and family!


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